Nav Jagriti Collective

नव जाग्रति

Our Staff and Volunteers

Dalia Kar

Dalia Kar founded what would become Nav Jagriti in 2005 and manages all aspects of the organization. Her responsibilites include securing funding and partnerships, liasing with student parents, infastructure maintenance (room, food, etc.), activity planning, and managing staff.

Dalia is also a trusted source of support and guidance for the children of Nav Jagriti, helping them emotionally and sometimes financially through their personal and family hardships.

Tapan Kar

Tapan has been a part of Nav Jagriti from the beginning. He's responsible for the daily administration of the center (as Dalia often needs to be off-site), and the management of all students and staff. Tapan also steps in to help with teaching and tutoring.

Rizvana Ali

Rizvana teaches Nav Jagriti students who are in the upper primary level (ages 11 and 12), assisting them with their homework and making sure they don't fall behind. She also assists with the planning and execution of activities and celebrations.

Laxmi Gaykwad

Laxmi's responsibilites include coordinating lunch for all students, keeping the center clean and organized, and helping younger children with their hygiene when necessary. She also teaches basic reading, writing, and math to the younger children not yet in school.

Tania Kar

Tania is a teacher by profession and lends that expertise to Nav Jagriti in her spare time, mostly by tutoring the older students in English, Science, and Biology. She also assists Dalia with raising funds and liasing with parents.

Tonay Kar

Tonay volunteers some of his time each evening to tutor two Nav Jagriti students attending private schools, assisting them with their homework in all subjects.

Peter Lemiszki

Peter was a volunteer with Nav Jagriti in 2009, tutoring students in English and math. Based in New York, he now works to raise funds, primarily focusing on the USA.

Jessica Exton

Jess was another volunteer with Nav Jagriti in 2009. She keeps in regular contact with the project.